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Spring Tree Maintenance And Pruning Guide

With the weather getting warmer, there are going to be storms in some areas. If you have trees around your home, this can lead to hazards and damage to your property. Therefore, you want to start with the maintenance that needs to be done early in spring. The following spring tree maintenance and pruning guide will help ensure that your property is safe from the severe weather that is common during the summer months:

Trim Fruit Trees and Other Small Trees

The first area where you will want to start with tree care in landscaping is the smaller tree species. These include fruit trees and small hardwoods that need annual pruning to prevent them from getting too big. Annual pruning of these small tree species will help give the canopy a healthy shape and can improve the harvest of fruit.

Remove Unhealthy and Hazardous Trees 

There are some trees that may be a hazard to your home and need to be removed before the hot summer weather. These include trees that are unhealthy due to infestations of insects and disease. You will also want to remove species that are vulnerable during high winds and wildfires, such as pine trees and other evergreen species with shallow root systems.

Thin the Canopies of Trees That Are Close to Your Home 

The canopies of trees can be a problem during the summer months if they are close to your home. This is because debris can fall on your roof, and shade can cause fungus to grow and cause wear. Therefore, you will want to thin the canopies of the trees around your home to help prevent damage and wear during the summer weather that will soon be here.

Trim Dead and Overgrown Branches of Trees 

The dead branches of trees can cause hazards to your property. These branches can fall on your home, people, or property during summer storms. Therefore, you want to trim any of the overgrown branches back. Trimming the heavy branches will also help prevent damage to trees during high winds and storms.

These are some of the tree maintenance and pruning tasks that need to be done this spring before you experience  summer storms. If you need help with dealing with the tree hazards around your property, contact a tree care services provider in your area for help with trimming and removal to reduce the hazards around your home.