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Do You Have A Nuisance Tree Sitting Close To Your Property? 3 Reasons To Arrange For A Live Tree Removal

Dead trees show obvious signs that they need to be removed. A dead tree might start to lean or have clear breaks in the trunk. While you may love trees, there sadly comes a point when it is necessary to clear out live ones. However, the signs that a live tree needs removal tend to be more subtle, and they often show up as mere nuisances in the beginning before they spiral out of control. Watch for these signs that a tree is becoming an issue so that you can arrange for a tree removal service to come to your property.

The Tree Damages Your Property

There are several ways that a tree can damage your property. Branches that overhang your roof or rest upon the exterior walls can create damage every time the wind blows. Missing shingles or siding are signs that this is occurring. A nuisance tree that sits too close to your driveway can also drip sap on to your car that will damage the paint finish. Bird droppings are another issue that can lead to vehicle damage, especially if the tree attracts a large flock of birds. At first, you might be able to prevent some of this by arranging for a tree service that trims the branches. However, this might not work for trees that already sit too close to a house or driveway. Removing these trees once they get to a certain size is often the best way to protect your property.

You Need to Improve Curb Appeal

Trees are typically used to improve the appearance of a residence, but they can also take away from the curb appeal. A tree that is older and was poorly placed may block your house, and removing it helps to open up the space to make it more appealing from the road. Trees that have been improperly cared for may also have poor aesthetics such as having branches on only one side or being twisted and marled. Tree removal can allow you to start over with a new tree or leave the space open so that you love how your house looks when you drive up.

The Leaf Drops Are Out of Control

Those gorgeous fall colors might be something to behold, but the beauty of nature quickly loses its golden gleam once the leaves begin to fall. Trees with large canopies can drop vast amounts of leaves that show up everywhere. Fallen leaves clog gutters, and they can weigh down roofs and patio covers to the point of collapse. Those leaf piles can attract pests that use them for hiding places and nests. If they are allowed to pile up near your house, they can also begin to rot and lead to decaying structural materials. If raking leaves is a never-ending chore that still leads to potential damage, then it may be necessary to let the tree go. Tree removal is an instant solution to a seemingly endless problem.