Show Your Trees You Care

Keeping The Trees On Your Property Healthy And Growing

Neglecting to effectively meet the tree care needs of your property can be a major landscaping mistake that people often make. Luckily, tree care is not a particularly demanding aspect of your lawn care as long as you are taking a few basic preventative steps.

Eliminate Damaged Or Dangerous Branches

Damaged branches can be among the most common sources of health issues for trees. When these branches break or become diseased, it can be a source of infection that can spread throughout the rest of the plant. Once this occurs, the branch will have to be removed as quickly as possible to keep it from developing these health issues. In addition to trimming diseased branches, any that are posing a safety risk to your home or vehicles should be trimmed. Otherwise, they may fall during a storm and can cause considerable damage to whatever they strike.

Protect The Trees' Health By Preventing Root Intrusions

The roots of trees can be drawn towards buried pipes and other sources of moisture. In fact, they may even be able to penetrate into these pipes where they can cause major performance problems. While it is possible to correct this plumbing problem by trimming the roots, this can severely harm the health of the tree as it can impair the root's ability to provide moisture and nutrients. For older trees or those that are already suffering from health problems, this may result in the entire tree needing to be removed. To minimize the risk of the trees needing to suffer this damage, you can install root barriers that will prevent them from being able to penetrate into these areas.

Address The Water And Nutrient Needs Of The Trees

Homeowners will generally be diligent about watering and fertilizing their lawns and flowers. Yet, they can frequently neglect to care for these needs when it comes to the large trees on their land. Yet, this can be especially important to do during periods of droughts. Trees often have intensive water needs, and droughts can be potentially deadly to these plants. As a result, you should include the trees in your watering routine during these periods. When watering the trees, make sure to thoroughly soak the soil as the roots for these plants will typically be extremely deep. Also, you may want to water a large area around the tree as its root network may extend far in every direction, and this will allow the tree to absorb more water with each watering session.