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Large Tree Trimming: What is the Process?

If you have a tree in your yard that is hanging over your house, car, or garage, you may be thinking of trimming it back a bit. Without experience, some people wonder what the procedure is for hiring a tree trimming company. In order to ease your mind here are the basics of what the process will be like. Keep in mind that every company is different, so this process may look slightly different, though this is a general outline. 

Getting a Quote

The majority of tree trimming companies will send a foreman in order to size up the order and give the homeowner a quote. Keep in mind that many companies send the boss, so they have the authority to give you special deals or discounts. This is usually a very subjective quote, so you can try to negotiate if you want to. Once you have agreed on a price, the foreman will give you an approximate date when the trimmers will come, which will depend on the weather. 

The Trimmers Come

On a nice day with little wind, the trimmers will come with their crew and trucks. Most tree trimming crews have 3-6 people, along with a crane and a wood chipper. They will likely take turns going up in a bucket with the crane and making cuts with a handheld chainsaw. The rest of the crew below will gather the wood that is trimmed and feed it to the wood chipper in order to make cleanup easier in the end.

Tree Trimming Basics

If your company is using a crane, they will usually attach large branches to the lift with ropes. This is done so that instead of making a whole bunch of cuts and one of them potentially hitting your home, they can make one cut, lower a large branch down to the ground, and then cut it apart on the ground. Branches that do not have anything beneath them will likely be cut and then allowed to free fall to the ground. 

The Clean Up

After all branches have been trimmed, responsible tree trimmers will then loosely rake your yard to pick up large twigs that have fallen. You will likely have divots in your yard from falling branches, but this is to be expected. 

In conclusion, getting your tree trimmed is a good investment since one strong windstorm could cost you much more than a trim would have. Talk to a tree trimming company near you to get the process started.