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Five Benefits Of Stump Grinding

It may seem easy to leave an old stump to rot in the yard once the tree is removed, but there are many good reasons to consider otherwise. The following are just five of the benefits of stump grinding and removal.

1) Landscape Aesthetics

Tree stumps can be quaint when they are in a forest, but in the average suburban yard they look out of place. A stump is difficult to grow around, can become a breeding ground for unsightly molds and fungi, and can break up the lawn in an unattractive manner. As the stump ages and begins to rot, the aesthetic issues with it only becomes more pronounced. When it comes to curb appeal, removing a stump is often the right decision.

2) Safety

Stumps can pose a safety hazard, especially if you have children that spend time playing in the yard. Stumps, especially those cut low to the ground, pose a major tripping hazard. Visitors to your property, including neighbors and delivery workers, can also trim on a stump—particularly after dark. Stumps are also hazardous to lawn care equipment, especially if they are hiding in long grass and not immediately obvious.

3) Preventing Pests

Many insect pests feed on dead wood. A stump in the yard van invites these pests, like termites and carpenter ants, onto your property. Once they are done with the stump, the pests may begin to turn on your house or outbuildings as their new source of food. If insect pests don't worry you, then keep in mind stumps can also attract animal pests. Skunks, raccoons, and other mammals sometimes nest inside hollow stumps or dig burrows beneath them. Chances are you don't want a stinky skunk or a scavenging raccoon wreaking havoc in your yard once the sun goes down.

4) Mulch

A stump in the yard isn't very useful, but one ground to mulch can be much more welcome in the landscape. Although a stump grinding service will clean up the site and truck away the mulch and sawdust if you like, you can also request that they leave it in place. You can use the mulch as a new base for a garden bed where the stump once was, or you can move the mulch to an area that needs it.

5) Increased Space

An old decaying stump divides your yard. All too often, large stumps are near the center of an open space since few other trees would have grown beneath the canopy of the old one. By removing the stump, you increase the unobstructed space in your yard, providing more area for kids and pets to run and play. You can also use the additional space to expand a garden or entertainment area.

Contact a stump grinding service in your area for more help. Reach out to a company like Tree Landers.