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Hiring A Tree Service To Safely Remove Trees Or Low Hanging Branches From Your Property

Trees are lovely to have on your property, but if the tree is not healthy or is posing some other risk like large limbs hanging over your roof, you may need to consider hiring a tree removal service to deal with them. Sometimes the entire tree does not need to go, but the tree service can help you determine what to do with your trees.

Tree Inspection

If you have a tree that you are concerned about, calling a tree removal service and having them look at the tree is an excellent first step. The tree service will be able to tell if the tree is healthy or not, and they know what to look for to determine if the tree is rotting inside or not. 

If the tree is unstable and may fall over at some point, the recommendation may be to remove the tree entirely so that it does not damage your house or car. Sometimes the tree is healthy enough to cut off the damage and let the tree grow and repair itself, but you need someone that knows trees to help determine that. 

Low Hanging Limbs

Often low hanging limbs can be a problem if they are over your house or garage. As the limbs blow in the wind, stress applied to the limbs can cause them to break off the tree and fall onto the roof. If the limbs are large enough, they could cause significant damage to the home.

Limbs that are making contact with the roof can damage the roof shingles as the limbs move. Low hanging limbs can also provide a path for insects, rodents, and other small animals to get to the roof of your home. The tree service can remove these limbs without damaging the roof or the tree if it is still healthy. 

Removing a Tree

If the tree removal service needs to take down an entire tree, they will often take it down in sections and use a crane to supports the pieces while they are cutting the tree. Each section is lowered to the ground and then cut up safely. Most tree services will remove the wood for you, but if you want to keep it for firewood or some other use, let them know.

Once the tree is down, the stump can be removed with a stump grinder, but you will have to check with the tree removal service to see if they offer stump grinding. Some tree services will remove the stumps for an extra charge, and others don't offer it at all and recommend you call a stump removal contractor for that part of the job.    

If you're worried about a tree in your yard, contact a tree removal company, like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.