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Tree Removal In Tight Quarters

One reason some homeowners delay tree removal is because of concerns about the safety of their home. In small yards, for example, trees may grow so closely to the house that it can be hard to imagine a removal method that doesn't involve the tree falling onto the home. Fortunately, there are several techniques that can be used to remove a tree in tight quarters.


The removal service will likely use a bucket truck to reach the tree. These trucks can be parked some distance from the tree and then the bucket and arborist inside can be lifted over to the tree. This is especially useful in small spaces where it can be difficult to set up equipment right next to the tree. If the space is too small for even a bucket truck, then the service may have to use ladders. Arborists and tree trimmers will be outfitted with safety harnesses so they can climb the tree for start the removal process safely.

Canopy Removal

The entire tree won't be brought down at once, since this can cause damage to your house below. Instead they will first start with the removal of the tree canopy. The trimmer will first cut out the small branches, which are the leafy ones that can often be allowed to fall with no concerns for damage below. Then, the larger branches will tied with ropes before they are cut off. The ropes prevent the branches from falling. The ropes are usually hooked into a pulley system that allows the service to lower these heavy branches safely to the ground.


Once there is nothing left but a trunk, the service will begin the anchoring process. The trunk will be visually divided into sections. The sections will then each be individually anchored into the rope and pulley system. Trunk remove requires careful assessment and planning, as one mistake can lead to a large section of wood plummeting to the ground. Fortunately, your removal service will be well versed in safety protocols.

Trunk Removal

Once everything is anchored and planned out, the final trunk removal begins. The trimmer will work from the top down, removing the trunk in sections and carefully lowering each section to the ground via the rope and pulley system. Once the trunk is completely removed, you can decide whether you want to have the stump ground down or dug out.

Contact a tree removal service today if you need a large tree removed from your small yard.