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Dealing With Mosquitoes Beneath Your Trees

Do you struggle with a lot of mosquitoes in your yard, particularly in areas that are shaded by trees? You're not alone. Mosquitoes love shade, so one downfall of having shade trees is that they do tend to become congregating spots for these pesky, biting critters. You don't just have to sit there and get bitten, though. Here are some ways to help reduce the number of mosquitoes lingering beneath your trees.

Have the trees trimmed.

Hiring a tree care company to come trim your shade trees can go a long way towards getting rid of mosquitoes. Make sure you tell the tree care company about the mosquito problem so they know what your goals are with the trimming. They will remove some of the branches from the lower part of the tree to essentially raise the crown and create more space beneath it. The increase in airflow will make the area less appealing to mosquitoes. The tree trimming company will also thin out the branches higher up in the tree. This will keep these upper branches dryer, so the mosquitoes are not so tempted to congregate in the area.

Get rid of mulch.

Usually, it's a good idea to mulch around trees. Mulch helps hold the moisture in the soil so that the tree has better access to it. If you have a mosquito problem, though, it is probably because there is too much moisture beneath the tree. Clearing away the mulch can help. Rake it all up, and put it in the compost pile. You may be able to put mulch back in place later on, when the area dries out and you get the mosquitoes under control, but for now, you are better off without it.

Have mosquito sprayers installed.

If trimming the tree and clearing mulch does not get rid of your mosquito problem, then your next step can be having mosquito sprayers installed. A pest control or tree care company can do this for you. Typically, they will install a tank of insecticides plus a series of tubes leading to sprayers. The sprayers will periodically release insecticide beneath your trees, killing and repelling any mosquitoes in the area.

Mosquitoes lingering beneath your shade trees can be quite a nuisance. However, by having the tree trimmed, clearing the mulch away, and installing a mosquito spraying system, you can chase these bugs off and reclaim your space. For more ideas about getting rid of mosquitoes in your yard, talk to a mosquito removal service