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How Tree Trimming Professionals Can Protect Your Landscaping

In some cases, a landscape tree may grow in the middle of a gravel area with no other plants, trees, or even grass nearby. But most of your landscape trees are likely to have some landscape elements nearby that you'd like to preserve from harm. You'll want to talk to your tree trimming professionals in advance to see how they plan to keep your landscape plants and trees in good shape while they work.

Here are a few of the ways your local tree trimming professionals can use protective tools and mindful techniques and processes to avoid damage to the landscaping in the area.

Grass mats or plywood

If your tree trimmers will be using large equipment such as trucks, the tires could damage any lawn area that the trucks have to drive on. One way to handle this possibility is to lay down protective mats on the grass before starting the job. Pieces of plywood may work as well.

Be sure to ask your tree trimming contractors if they plan to protect the grass while working. This is especially important if the ground is soft (perhaps due to recent rainfall), and is less likely to be an issue if the ground is hard-packed dry dirt or frozen solid (or covered in deep snow).

Lift trucks

If someone climbs too high in a tree, their weight could damage some of the tree's branches (as well as posing a risk to the climber). To avoid these issues, tree trimming professionals use equipment like lift trucks to help them access the higher and thinner branches without placing a strain on these more delicate elements of your landscape trees.

Controlled branch removal

A large branch, falling suddenly from a tree, could cause significant damage to other branches below it or even to landscaping plants near the tree. Your tree trimming professionals can use controlled branch removal techniques such as removing a small section of the branch at a time to reduce the possibility of damage.

Another option is using cables or ropes to suspend a branch while removing it. This way, the branch won't fall when it detaches, but rather can be lowered to the ground in a controlled fashion. This is especially important with large branches or those that are growing over something fragile and expensive like a prized flowerbed.

These are some of the strategies and materials for protecting the landscaping that may come into play during tree trimming appointments. For more information about tree trimming services in your area, get in touch with your local tree trimming company today.