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Three Reasons Emergency Tree Removal Is Necessary

The trees on your property can offer shade, natural beauty, and wildlife. However, your home and family can be put in danger when branches from these trees or the trees themselves fall. Due to this, it is vital that you keep an eye out for certain signs that are indicative of emergency tree removal.

Severe Storms

Although healthy trees are stable and strong, it is still possible for them to suffer damage from high winds. The trees on your property can suffer significantly throughout the storm season. In the event any of your property's trees have broken branches, are leaning, or have fallen following a storm, it is important that you get in touch with a tree removal service. A damaged branch or tree can appear stable, but it can still be a threat to your home and family.

Diseased Trees

When looking at a tree, it may seem 100 percent healthy. However, on the inside, it may be diseased and weak, placing it at risk of falling over. There are certain signs that you can look for when it comes to a tree that is diseased, including a hollowed trunk, cavities in the trunk, missing bark, deep cracks, and dead/falling branches. Ideally, the best way to ensure that your property's trees continue to be safe and healthy is to have your trees cared for regularly by a professional. In other words, a professional should come out and maintain, trim, and inspect your trees, which will help them look attractive, grow correctly, and stay disease-free.

Weakened Bases

The root system of a tree plays a significant role in the tree's overall stability. Take the time to inspect your property's trees and see if there are roots that are exposed that appear weakened, diseased, or rotted. If you notice any, contact a tree service immediately. These are all signs that the roots are failing and that the tree is likely to fall soon. If you have a tree that is leaning as a result of weakened roots, a professional needs to perform a thorough inspection to determine the length of the damage and whether removal is necessary or if the tree is stable enough to be left on your property. Erosion can also cause the base of the tree to weaken and become unstable.

For more information about when a tree needs to be removed from your property for the safety of your home and family, contact a tree removal company, such as Waters Tree Service, for more information.