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When Do You Need To Hire Tree Removal Services?

Did you know that a single tree generates about 260 pounds of oxygen every year? Indeed, having trees on your property can have a tremendous effect on the quality of air that you breathe. And then, of course, trees provide shade, making it possible for you to relax outside on hot sunny days while also boosting curb appeal. 

That said, trees are living things. And all living things don't last forever. There will come a time when your tree needs to be removed before it falls, causing serious injuries or property damage. Here are three telltale signs it's time to hire tree removal services. 

Your Tree Is Sick

If your tree shows signs of disease, consider calling a tree removal specialist to assess the tree and determine if it needs to be removed. Some signs to look out for include:

Also, some signs of diseases are difficult to notice, especially if you're not a tree expert. Your tree may be rotting from inside without your knowledge. It rots until it causes a hollow truck inside, eventually falling on your property abruptly. Thus, it's essential to get your trees checked regularly.

In some cases, tree diseases can be managed through pruning or rehabilitation, but if the condition has progressed enough, removing the entire tree may be the best option. 

Your Tree Is Leaning on One Side

A leaning tree may seem harmless until a strong gust of wind hits it, and the tree suddenly falls on your house, your car, or a person. Typically, when a tree begins to learn, that's a sign that the roots aren't strong enough to keep the tree in its upright position. 

If the tree is ignored, it might also develop cracks that weaken its trunk. This puts it at an even higher risk of falling. To be safe, you should hire tree removal services right away. The arborists will use their knowledge and experience to remove the tree safely.

Your Tree Is Growing Too Close to Your Home

Even if your tree is perfectly healthy, it's not a good idea to have it growing too close to your home. One big storm and the tree's branches may fall on your roof or damage your windows. Moreover, the tree's roots may cause massive damage to your home's foundation or underground utility lines like drainage systems, electric cables, and gas lines. 

Removing a tree growing near a house is also outright dangerous and complicated. You may end up causing significant damage to your home's foundation or the other underground systems. Luckily, tree removal experts have adequate experience and specialized tools like cranes and compact excavators to finish the job without causing any damage. 

For more information on tree removal, contact a company near you.