Show Your Trees You Care

How To Successfully Remove Trees Around Residential Properties

If you know for a fact you have a dying tree on your residential property, you need to get it out immediately. That's going to keep your property from getting damaged and you safe, especially if you have to walk under this tree a lot. Just make sure you take these steps when completing a tree removal project on your own.

Assess the Overall Tree Size First

A good first step in removing a tree on a residential property is taking into account its size. That's going to let you know about this project's scale and then you can plan accordingly, such as getting the right equipment for this removal and the right number of helpers.

For instance, if you're dealing with a massive tree that's both tall and wide, you'll probably need some pretty special equipment and a lot of helpers. Whereas if the tree is small, you can use simple tools like shovels and handsaws as well as get less help from others.

Hire a Company to Take Away Removed Limbs

When you get to cut down the limbs of your tree, you'll have a large pile at the end. Rather than trying to deal with them yourself, just hire a professional company to take these branches and limbs off your property. They have specialty trucks and a lot of people that can help out.

That's going to help you quickly clear out these limbs without putting yourself in danger of having to spend a bunch of money on removal equipment.

Decide if You're Leaving the Stump or Not

Once you remove enough parts of a tree, all that may be left is the stump. You need to determine if you're going to leave it where it is or remove it completely. The former option might be ideal if you want to use the stump for some purpose, such as a place to sit and enjoy the front or backyard.

Whereas if the stump is just causing you to stress because you view it as an eyesore, then you can remove it entirely. You'll just want to rent a stump grinder so that you don't have any trouble removing parts of the stump that are leftover.

If you're thinking about removing a tree on your property — such as one that's dying — then you want to be calculated with each step you take. That's going to help you stay safe and speed up this process once it does begin around your home.