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3 Reasons To Remove A Growing Tree In Your Backyard

In most situations, you may love to have growing trees in your backyard. These trees can provide many benefits, including beauty, shade, and increased property value. However, you will sometimes find it worthwhile to remove a growing tree. Understanding why you would make this decision will help you determine whether tree removal is the right move.

Growth Patterns 

While trees are often durable and can live many years, you still need to give them proper care. Improper branch growth is an example of an unhealthy growth pattern. This issue can happen on its own or because of something the previous owner did. For instance, incorrectly pruning or trimming the tree can cause noticeable damage that prevents healthy growth.

Removing a tree with severe growth pattern issues is often a better and easier solution than trying to solve the problem. A tree removal company can get rid of the tree quickly, and then you can work with professionals to grow a more suitable tree and keep it healthy.


As a homeowner, you want to prioritize protecting your home. So, you might need to remove a growing tree because it will eventually reach the house or outdoor features and cause damage.

Routine trimming can prolong inevitable damage. The problem is that a tree's canopy may eventually get large enough that it will undoubtedly cause damage to nearby features. You can protect your patio cover, siding, roofing, gutter system, and other features with tree removal.


Most trees require regular upkeep in pruning, trimming, watering, and debris cleanup. However, you may not want to worry about debris cleanup in certain areas. A great example is when flowers, leaves, seeds, and twigs cover a grassy area where your kids play. Removing the tree makes it easier and safer for them to play because they cannot fall on branches or seeds.

Another potential issue is when the tree provides unwanted shade, which will only become worse with time as the tree grows larger. The most reliable solution is to remove the tree and either leave the space empty or plant a much smaller tree to keep shade to a minimum.

When you want to add new backyard features, you might find the growing tree is already an obstruction or will eventually become one as it grows. Removing a growing tree from your backyard is a reliable way to solve specific current or future problems.

Find a local tree service to learn more about your trees and what to do with them.