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How Vista Pruning Can Improve The View From Your Home

Trees add beauty to a landscape, as well as provide numerous other benefits like shade and temperature reduction. But the canopies of large trees can sometimes grow to obscure your view. For instance, this is a problem if you live by a lake or mountain range. Fortunately, a type of tree pruning or trimming called "vista pruning" can restore your view without harming your tree.

What is vista pruning?

Vista pruning is a type of tree trimming that removes part of a tree's canopy to restore a view. With the help of a reputable tree service or arborist, you can remove branches from your tree without harming it. A tree service will first assess your tree and consult with you before selecting branches for removal.

Three types of vista pruning can help restore a view

A professional and reputable tree service should have plenty of experience using the various types of tree pruning. There are three types of tree pruning that can help to restore the view from your property.

Crown thinning opens windows within a tree canopy

Sometimes a tree's canopy can become so thick that you can no longer see the view beyond it. A skilled arborist can open up windows within the canopy of a tree by thinning the canopy. You can then enjoy the view beyond your tree without removing the tree.

Crown reduction reduces the height of trees

If your tree is on a slope, then its upper portion may block your view of the world beyond your yard. An arborist can reduce the height of your tree by removing some of the upper branches. But this type of pruning can harm some types of conifer trees. A tree service can help you determine if this type of pruning will damage your tree or not.

Crown raising removes lower branches

If the lower portion of your tree is blocking your view, then an arborist can raise your tree's canopy. They do this by removing the lower branches, essentially raising the canopy and opening up the view beneath the canopy.

Vista pruning is best carried out in the winter months

Because vista pruning might need to remove a considerable portion of a tree, this pruning is best done in winter. In winter, trees are dormant, which means they bleed much less sap, and have no risk of pest infestation in open pruning wounds.

If your tree has begun to block your view of the surrounding landscape, contact a local tree trimming service and ask about vista pruning.