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Tree Care: 5 Signs Your Trees Need Professional Attention

If you have trees, then you know tree care is necessary to keep them healthy and thriving. If your trees die, you have to call a tree care specialist to remove them, which is costly and time-consuming. It's often cheaper and more effective to help trees stay alive than it is to deal with them after they have perished, so here's a guide to help you know when tree care is necessary. Your tree care professional can do services for you based on their priority and urgency.

Your trees are missing leaves

Is it the leafy season and you have trees that don't have leaves? This is a problem and usually means that one or more branches have died. Have your tree care specialist remove the offending limbs so the rest of your tree can thrive.

Your trees are sticky

If your trees are sticky, then you likely have an aphid or other insect infestation. Sticky trees are not only sickly, but they are also unsightly and can attract a lot of mess and pests. Have your tree care specialist work on your trees to make sure they are pest-free.

Your trees are drooping

Drooping trees are usually ill and in need of hydration and nourishment. Sometimes an injection of nutrients and a healthy watering is all your trees need to keep them lively. White bitches and other sensitive trees can be prone to drooping, especially in a hot and dry summer. Let tree care specialists treat your trees and make them happy and healthy again.

Your trees are sappy

Trees with giant balls of sap on them or with dripping sap aren't always healthy trees. They may be battling a parasite or fungal infection or may be otherwise ill. Excessive sap production may be something you're more likely to see in a fruit tree, so keep an eye on your fruit bearers to make sure they're healthy every year.

Your trees have yucky fruit

Speaking of fruit trees, if you have a fruit tree that isn't producing healthy fruit or that is producing lots of fruit but a majority of it is small, hard, and/or yucky, then call your tree care specialist. Odds are, your fruit trees are in need of some major pruning and are just over-producing fruit. If you get your tree care professional out to your property to assess and prune your fruit trees, you can get them ready to produce healthier fruit in the years to come.