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Why Your Tree Keeps Losing Branches – And How A Tree Trimmer Can Help

Does your tree keep losing branches? You might feel like every time you walk outside, there is another branch on the ground. This can be even more bothersome if the falling branches are landing on your roof, in your garden beds, or on a nicely manicured lawn. Here's the good news: you don't have to go on living like this. There are a number of reasons why a tree may start losing branches like this, and a tree pruning service can help with most of them. Keep reading for a closer look.

Fungal Diseases

There is a chance that your tree has a fungal disease. These diseases usually affect individual branches. In other words, some branches may be diseased, and others are not. Eventually, the fungal disease can kill a branch. It then becomes brittle and falls off the tree. Tree pruning can identify fungus-riddled branches to remove them before they fall off. This approach can also help keep the infectious fungi from spreading to other branches and other trees.

Crossed Branches

Sometimes, a tree will grow two or more branches that cross over each other. These branches rub on one another, and if the wind picks up, they may bump into each other. The more fragile branches will break and eventually fall off the tree. A tree trimmer can remove the crossed branches before they damage each other. This will result in fewer fallen branches in your yard and garden beds.

Some species of trees are more prone to crossed branches than others. So, don't be surprised if your tree trimmer recommends having some of your trees trimmed annually to address this problem. Those trees that they want to trim annually are probably the most likely to develop crossed branches.

Dead Wood

It's also possible that your tree is just aged and is starting to develop a lot of dead branches. This can happen more extensively after a year of drought. A tree pruner can remove all of the dead growth. Not only will this reduce the number of fallen branches, but it will leave more resources for the branches that remain — so they're less likely to also die and fall off.

If your tree seems to be losing branches left and right, don't just ignore this problem. Instead, you should contact a tree pruning company in your area and make an appointment. Even just one pruning session can make a huge difference.