Show Your Trees You Care

Reasons To Start A Tree Company

If you are a licensed arborist or have a horticulture degree or other specialty in landscape and design, then you can own a tree company. This is a type of tree business where you can do all kinds of things related to trees and landscaping, including tree disease and health issues, tree removal, planting, and more.

Here are just a few reasons to start a tree company. You can get started with low startup and it shouldn't take a long time to come up with some customers to build a client base.

You don't need a lot of equipment to get started

Unless you are going to be doing massive tree removal, you don't need more than a truck, some tree limbing supplies, and to ensure your business is insured to get started. You can charge customers by the tree or by the hour, and since the service you provide shows immediate benefits (trees look healthier, etc), you can satisfy customers in a short time and start putting money in profits right away.

You don't have to convince people to use your service

Homeowners and businesses alike have a difficult time managing their trees on their property and either have to hire someone to come and take care of their unwanted trees or give their trees some TLC, or they have to do the work themselves. You don't have to convince people they need their fruit trees trimmed or to have a diseased tree taken down, and customers are likely to come looking for you if they want to have a tree relocated or planted on their property.

You don't have a huge barrier to entry

A tree company is not a unique business, but it is a necessary one. This means that you won't have to convince people to let you work for them and you won't have to work hard to show people what you do for the community. Differentiation may be a bit of a challenge, but if you offer varying services, you should be able to fit right in even if you aren't the only tree company in your area.

You can do other services, too

Remember, you can also do raking and landscape care in addition to your regular tree company work. You can add nearly any landscaping task to your normal tree business work to help you make more money and keep your client list full. Get started on your tree company startup today.