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What Can Professionals Do For An Overgrown, Neglected Tree?

Some trees can be left alone and neglected for years, and they end up looking just fine. Other trees, if neglected, end up looking disheveled and overgrown, perhaps with a few broken limbs or split branches. What do you do if you have a neglected, disheveled tree in your yard? Here are a few key tree services that may help rehab it and restore its former beauty.

Professional Tree Trimming

Don't just grab your own pruning shears and start trimming the tree down. When a tree is this overgrown, a significant amount of growth will need to be removed. But if you remove the wrong branches, you may cause excessive stress for the tree, and it may die back. A professional tree trimmer will generally have had experience working with other neglected trees. They'll be able to identify the best branches to remove. They'll know how far they can take the trim without stressing the tree out too much. In some cases, they may give the tree a mild trim and then suggest a few subsequent appointments. This slow approach will allow them to reshape the tree over time in a controlled, progressive way.

Deep Fertilization

Trees have deep roots and are able to extract nutrients from the soil deep beneath the surface. However, even these deep soils become depleted over time. Part of the reason the tree looks so disheveled may be that it's been unable to obtain the necessary nutrients to thrive. A tree service can inject nutrients deep within the soil via a process called deep fertilization. This will ensure the tree starts getting those nutrients ASAP. You should soon notice that the foliage starts growing in fuller.

Limb Bracing

A lot of neglected trees have broken and split branches. Removing these branches is one approach, but sometimes, that would leave the tree looking unbalanced. So, a tree care service may instead recommend bracing the tree. This involves running a few cables around the tree to hold the limb in place and keep the crack closed. After they are braced, trees often "heal," allowing the braces to be removed a few years later.

If you have a neglected tree that is not looking too hot, contact a tree care service. They can fertilize the tree, brace any limbs that are cracked or broken, and recommend a trimming protocol that will help bring the tree back to life. Reach out to a tree services provider for more information.