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Prevent Your Trees From Drying Out This Winter

Most trees go full or semi-dormant once winter arrives, but they still need some water. Moist soil is more resilient against temperature fluctuations, which leads to healthier roots. Many trees, like evergreens and young trees, only go semi-dormant and will still take in some water during dry periods of the winter months. Apply a Fall Mulch Mulch offers two types of p

4 Reasons To Consider Removing A Tree Near Your Driveway

While owning a home, you should pay attention to the features throughout the property to determine whether any changes need to be made. In most cases, you can rely on interior features being predictable enough that you should not have to remove any of them. This will not always prove to be the case with your landscape because trees could become problematic. If you hav

Types Of Trees That Can Be Trained Into Different Shapes

If you'd like a little something different in your landscaping, ornamental tree pruning may be right for you. Plenty of flowering, ornamental, or even fruit trees can often be trained or trimmed into hedges or other decorative shapes. Here are some types of trees that lend themselves well to different types of training and trimming. 1. Fruit trees for espalier An espa

Answers To Your Questions About Stump Grinding

Removing a problem tree is only half the battle, the other half is taking out the stump before it attracts pests or becomes a nuisance in the yard. Stump grinding is usually the best option, but there are some things to know about the process. How Deeply Should You Grind? You have options when it comes to how deeply the stump is ground down. For example, if you plan t

Is It A Good Time To Trim Your Tree?

When it comes down to it, tree trimming is all about the timing. Trim at the right time, and you'll be doing the tree a real favor — helping to boost its growth and prevent disease. Trim at the wrong time, and your efforts will basically have the opposite effect. Your tree's growth may be stunted, and it might get sick. So how do you know whether or not it is a good t